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Catching the First Oligomerization Event in the Catalytic Formation of Polyaminoboranes: H3B·NMeHBH2·NMeH2 Bound to Iridium

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posted on 27.07.2011, 00:00 by Heather C. Johnson, Alasdair P. M. Robertson, Adrian B. Chaplin, Laura J. Sewell, Amber L. Thompson, Mairi F. Haddow, Ian Manners, Andrew S. Weller
We report the first insertion step at a metal center for the catalytic dehydropolymerization of H3B·NMeH2 to form the simplest oligomeric species, H3B·NMeHBH2·NMeH2, by the addition of 1 equiv of H3B·NMeH2 to [Ir(PCy3)2(H)22-H3B·NMeH2)][BArF4] to give [Ir(PCy3)2(H)22-H3B·NMeHBH2·NMeH2)][BArF4]. This reaction is also catalytic for the formation of the free linear diborazane, but this is best obtained by an alternative stoichiometric synthesis.