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Catalysis through Dynamic Spacer Installation of Multivariate Functionalities in Metal–Organic Frameworks

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posted on 15.01.2019, 00:00 by Chen-Chen Cao, Cheng-Xia Chen, Zhang-Wen Wei, Qian-Feng Qiu, Neng-Xiu Zhu, Yang-Yang Xiong, Ji-Jun Jiang, Dawei Wang, Cheng-Yong Su
We demonstrate herein a facile strategy to engineer versatile catalytically active coordination interspace in the same primitive metal–organic framework (MOF) for variable heterogeneous catalysis. Different functional ligands can be reversibly inserted into and removed from proto-LIFM-28 individually or successively to bring in single or binary catalytic sites for specific reactions and switch the parent MOF to multipurpose catalysts. Alcohol-oxidation, Knoevenagel-condensation, click, acetal, and Baylis–Hillman reactions are achievable through simple exchange of a single catalytic spacer, while sequential or stepwise reactions are designable via selective combination of two catalytic spacers with different functionalities, thus making proto-LIFM-28 a multivariate MOF for multiuse and economic catalysis.