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C-2/C-3 Annulation and C-2 Alkylation of Indoles with 2-Alkoxycyclopropanoate Esters

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posted on 2020-04-02, 14:20 authored by Barbora Bajtos, Ming Yu, Hongda Zhao, Brian L. Pagenkopf
The annulation reaction between various indoles and 2-alkoxycyclopropanoate esters is reported. Both high efficiency and complete stereochemical control were observed in some cases with this annulation process. A single stereocenter on the cyclopropane controls the diastereoselective formation of up to four new stereocenters. A different reaction course was observed with 3-substituted indole substrates, and an intervening C-3 to C-2-migration process arose that gives synthetically useful C-2 alkylation indole products.