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Bulk Growth and Characterization of a Novel Nonlinear Optical Crystal BaTeMo2O9

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posted on 2008-01-02, 00:00 authored by Weiguo Zhang, Xutang Tao, Chengqian Zhang, Zeliang Gao, Yongzhuan Zhang, Wentao Yu, Xiufeng Cheng, Xuesong Liu, Minhua Jiang
A new nonlinear optical crystal BaTeMo2O9 was grown from the TeO2−MoO3 flux system with sufficient size (30 × 23 × 18 mm3) and optical quality that allowed the characterization of its properties. It crystallizes in the noncentrosymmetrical system, space group P21 (no. 4), with a = 5.5346 Å, b = 7.4562 Å, c = 8.8342 Å, and β = 90.897°. The as-grown BaTeMo2O9 crystal has well-developed faces with the major forms {100}, {001}, {011}, and {011̅}. The transmission spectra results suggest that it can transmit well from 0.5 to 5.0 µm. The refractive indices were also measured. The smaller refractive indices nx and ny are in the ac-plane, and the largest refractive index nz polarization direction is parallel to the crystallographic b-axis.