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Brook Rearrangement as Trigger for Carbene Generation: Synthesis of Stereodefined and Fully Substituted Cyclobutenes

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posted on 2017-06-01, 00:00 authored by Fa-Guang Zhang, Ilan Marek
Through a sequence that can be performed in a single vessel, involving regio- and diastereoselective copper-catalyzed carbomagnesiation of cyclopropenes, reaction with acylsilanes, and addition of THF as cosolvent, Brook rearrangement can be triggered to furnish a wide range of cyclobutenes with exceptional diastereoselectivity. Accordingly, stereodefined and highly substituted cyclobutenes with contiguous quaternary carbon centers can be synthesized easily and in high yield. The new strategy constitutes an unprecedented application of Brook rearrangement, one which involves the intermediacy of carbene species.