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Binding Modes and Reactivity of Pyrido[2,1‑a]isoindole as a Neutral Carbon Donor with Main-Group and Transition-Metal Elements

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posted on 12.10.2017, 15:33 by Sean M. McDonald, Soren K. Mellerup, Christopher Barran, Xiang Wang, Suning Wang
Various binding modes of pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole with main-group and transition-metal elements have been established. The carbon atom at position 6 of pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole is highly nucleophilic, forming a σ complex with Pt­(II) ion. The benzene ring of pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole forms an η6-π complex with Cr(0). The reaction of pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole with PPh2Cl in the presence of Proton Sponge leads to a PPh2-functionalized product, which can further react with a BH3 molecule, forming a P→B adduct. Pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole was also found to undergo a dehydrogenative C–C coupling reaction in the presence of Cu­(I) ions, forming a dimer. These interesting reactivities and binding modes demonstrate the rich chemistry of pyrido­[2,1-a]­isoindole, as well as its potential application in main-group and transition-metal chemistry.