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Atomistic Description of Fullerene-Based Membranes

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posted on 30.10.2014, 00:00 authored by Eudes Eterno Fileti
We present extensive atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of the structure and stability of fullerene-based membranes. The simulations provide a molecular description of the PhK (pentaaryl[60]­fullerene anions, C60Ar5·K+) and C8K (C60Ar5·K+ with octyl substituents) membranes. Physical chemical properties and molecular organization of PhK and C8K membranes elucidate various aspects related to their formation and potential applications. Our simulations evidence that such membranes are robust and stable. PhK membranes proved very stable and compact. Considering experimental evidence, PhK bilayer is an adequate model for the surface of the PhK vesicle.