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Asymmetric Synthesis of 8-Aminoindolizidine from Chiral 2-Pyrroleimines

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posted on 07.11.2008, 00:00 by Vincenzo Giulio Albano, Andrea Gualandi, Magda Monari, Diego Savoia
1-Allyl-2-pyrroleimines obtained from (S)-valinol and (S)-phenylglycinol underwent highly diastereoselective addition of allylmagnesium chloride, used in excess amounts, to give the corresponding secondary amines with concomitant allyl to (Z)-1-propenyl isomerization of the 1-pyrrole substituent. Transformation of the 2-amino alcohol moiety to an oxazolidinone, or its cleavage and subsequent N-protection, followed by ring-closing metathesis of the two alkene groups gave the unsaturated bicyclic compound. Full hydrogenation of the alkene function and the aromatic rings afforded the indolizidine derivative as a mixture of two or three diastereomers with a ratio which was dependent on the nature of both the N-substituent and the catalyst. The two prevalent diastereomers were isolated, and their configuration was determined by X-ray crystallographic analysis.