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Asymmetric Modular Synthesis of a Semirigid Dipeptide Mimetic by Cascade Cycloaddition/Ring Rearrangement and Borohydride Reduction

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posted on 04.04.2014 by Sara Pellegrino, Alessandro Contini, Maria Luisa Gelmi, Leonardo Lo Presti, Raffaella Soave, Emanuela Erba
A new semirigid dipeptide mimetic was prepared on multigram scale, in good yield, and in a stereocontrolled way, starting from commercially available and unexpensive reagents, i.e., N-benzylpiperidone, tosyl azide, and proline methyl ester. The optimized multicomponent process consisted of a cascade click cycloaddition and a ring rearrangement reaction, followed by a reductive step. Theoretical calculations were performed to elucidate the reaction mechanism and support the stereochemical outcome of the reduction. Finally, the new scaffold was used for the preparation of model peptidomimetics, whose β turn conformation was confirmed by dynamic NMR experiments.