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Aryl and Benzyl C–H Activation of N‑Substituted PNP Ligands

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posted on 2016-06-14, 18:20 authored by Sean P. Vilanova, Vlad M. Iluc
The synthesis of the N-aryl-substituted PNP pro-ligands H­(PNnaphP) (N-di­(2-diisopropyl­phosphine-4-methylphenyl)­naphthylamine) and H­(PNtolP) (N-di­(2-diisopropylphosphine-4-methylphenyl)-o-tolylamine) is reported. The corresponding iridium­(III) complexes, [(PNnaphP)­Ir­(H)­Cl], [(o-methyl-PNtolP)­Ir­(H)­Cl], [(o-aryl-PNtolP)­Ir­(H)­Cl], [(PNnaphP)­Ir­(H)2], [(o-methyl-PNtolP)­Ir­(H)2], and [(o-aryl-PNtolP)­Ir­(H)2], were also synthesized and structurally characterized, along with reaction intermediates, demonstrating various ligand coordination modes.