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Aryl Isocyanate, Carbodiimide, and Isocyanide Prepared from Carbon Dioxide. A Metathetical Group-Transfer Tale Involving a Titanium−Imide Zwitterion

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posted on 2006-01-23, 00:00 authored by Uriah J. Kilgore, Falguni Basuli, John C. Huffman, Daniel J. Mindiola
Carbon dioxide can be readily converted quantitatively and under mild conditions into the aryl isocyanate and symmetrical carbodiimide via a metathetical reaction involving a zwitterionic titanium imide (nacnac)TiNAr(CH3B(C6F5)3) (nacnac- = [ArNC(tBu)]2CH, Ar = 2,6-iPr2C6H3). The metathetical process to generate isocyanates allows also for facile formation of sterically demanding aryl isocyanide, by a deoxygenation route. Labeling studies using enriched 13CO2 are also described.