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Aqueous Suspension Polymerization of Isobutene Initiated by 1,2-C6F4[B(C6F5)2]2

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posted on 12.01.2005, 00:00 by Stewart P. Lewis, Lee D. Henderson, Brett D. Chandler, Masood Parvez, Warren E. Piers, Scott Collins
Lewis acidic, chelating diborane 1 forms stable oxonium acids 2 in the presence of excess MeOH or water. Diborane 1 is shown to be an effective co-initiator for the suspension polymerization of isobutene in aqueous media at sufficiently low temperatures. Poly(isobutene) or butyl rubber is obtained at moderate to high conversion and with Mw < 200 K and PDI ≈ 2 under these conditions.