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Ancillary Ligand Functionalization of Cyanide-Bridged S = 6 FeIII4NiII4 Complexes for Molecule-Based Electronics

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posted on 2006-09-18, 00:00 authored by Dongfeng Li, Sean Parkin, Rodolphe Clérac, Stephen M. Holmes
Treatment of 1-chloro-6-iodohexane or 1-chloro-10-iododecane with lithium tris(pyrazolyl)methanide, followed by potassium thioacetate, affords bifunctional 1-S(acetyl)-tris(pyrazolyl)alkanes (L) (pz)3C(CH2)nSAc (n = 6, 1; 10, 2). Magnetic studies of {[(pzTp)FeIII(CN)3]4[NiIIL]4[OTf]4}·solvent (4, L = 1; 5, L = 2) boxes suggest that −(CH2)6 chains (4) limit intermolecular interactions while −(CH2)10 chains in 5 introduce crystallographic disorder and a distribution of relaxation times; 4 and 5 exhibit slow relaxation of the magnetization.