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An Organometalllic NiIV Complex That Participates in Competing Transmetalation and C(sp2)–O Bond-Forming Reductive Elimination Reactions

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posted on 2016-12-23, 20:03 authored by Elizabeth A. Meucci, Nicole M. Camasso, Melanie S. Sanford
This communication describes the synthesis of an organometallic NiIV complex bearing a labile trifluoroacetate (OTFA) ligand via the oxidation of a NiII precursor with PhI­(OTFA)2. Intramolecular C­(sp2)–O bond-forming reductive elimination from this NiIV complex is relatively slow, requiring 6 h at 70 °C to reach completion. In contrast, transmetalation with TMSCF3 occurs within just 1 h at room temperature to generate a NiIV–CF3 complex. These studies show that intermolecular reactions such as transmetalation can be competitive with intramolecular reductive elimination processes at NiIV centers.