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An Organic White Light-Emitting Fluorophore

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posted on 01.11.2006, 00:00 by Youjun Yang, Mark Lowry, Corin M. Schowalter, Sayo O. Fakayode, Jorge O. Escobedo, Xiangyang Xu, Huating Zhang, Timothy J. Jensen, Frank R. Fronczek, Isiah M. Warner, Robert M. Strongin
The synthesis of new benzo[a]- and [b]xanthene dye frameworks is described. A unique benzo[a]xanthene, seminaphtho[a]fluorone (SNAFR-1), is studied in a variety of media. The optimization of solution parameters and excitation wavelengths allows SNAFR-1 to display red, green, and blue emission bands of approximately equal intensities and also to produce white light. Ratiometric red (anion) and green (neutral) emissions are observed upon varying solution pH. A pH-independent violet-blue emission band is due to the addition of nucleophiles to the benzylic carbon of SNAFR-1.