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An Isolable, Nonreducible High-Valent Manganese(V) Imido Corrolazine Complex

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posted on 2006-10-16, 00:00 authored by David E. Lansky, Joseph R. Kosack, Amy A. Narducci Sarjeant, David P. Goldberg
The manganese(V) imido complex [(TBP8Cz)MnV(NMes)] (2) was synthesized from the MnIII complex [(TBP8Cz)MnIII] (1) and thermolysis of mesityl azide. An X-ray structure of 2 reveals a short Mn−N distance [1.595(4) Å], consistent with the Mn−N triple bond expected for a manganese(V) imido species. This high-valent species is remarkably inert to one- and two-electron reductive processes such as NR group transfer to alkenes or H-atom abstraction from O−H bonds. Electrochemical studies support this lack of reactivity. In contrast, oxidation of 2 is easily accomplished by treatment with [(4-BrC6H4)3N]•+SbCl6, giving a π-radical-cation complex.