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An Exceptionally Stable, Porphyrinic Zr Metal–Organic Framework Exhibiting pH-Dependent Fluorescence

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posted on 2016-02-18, 21:28 authored by Hai-Long Jiang, Dawei Feng, Kecheng Wang, Zhi-Yuan Gu, Zhangwen Wei, Ying-Pin Chen, Hong-Cai Zhou
A reaction between a ZrIV salt and a porphyrinic tetracarboxylic acid leads to a metal–organic framework (MOF) with two types of open channels, representing a MOF featuring a (4,8)-connected sqc net. The MOF remains intact in both boiling water and aqueous solutions with pH ranging from 1 to 11, a remarkably extensive pH range that a MOF can sustain. Given its exceptional stability and pH-dependent fluorescent intensity, the MOF can potentially be applied in fluorescent pH sensing.