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An Efficient and Straightforward Access to Sulfur Substituted [2.2]Paracyclophanes:  Application to Stereoselective Sulfenate Salt Alkylation

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posted on 20.03.2008, 00:00 by Jean-François Lohier, Florian Foucoin, Paul-Alain Jaffrès, José I. Garcia, Jana Sopková−de Oliveira Santos, Stéphane Perrio, Patrick Metzner
A straightforward and high-yielding access to various [2.2]paracyclophanes possessing a sulfur-based functional group is reported, the key step being a SEAr reaction mediated by a sulfonium salt. The versatility of the methodology was exemplified by an original application in sulfenate salt chemistry, from which a remarkable chirality transfer was observed.