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An Effective Strategy to Tune Supramolecular Interaction via a Spiro-Bridged Spacer in Oligothiophene-S,S-dioxides and Their Anomalous Photoluminescent Behavior

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posted on 26.04.2007 by Ling-Hai Xie, Xiao-Ya Hou, Yu-Ran Hua, Yan-Qin Huang, Bao-Min Zhao, Feng Liu, Bo Peng, Wei Wei, Wei Huang
We demonstrate that incorporating nonplanar spiro-bridged structures is an effective strategy for tuning supramolecular interactions of optoelectronic functional moieties. In the model compounds spiro-bridged oligothiophene-S,S-dioxides (BSiSDTFO), unusual dimers constructed by spiro-bridged spacers do not form excimers, which is confirmed by crystallographic data and fluorescent emission spectra.