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Alkene Oxidation by a Platinum Oxo Complex and Isolation of a Platinaoxetane

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posted on 08.08.2003, 00:00 by Endre Szuromi, Hui Shan, Paul R. Sharp
Oxo complex [(1,5-COD)4Pt43-O)2Cl2](BF4)2 (1) reacts readily with ethylene and norbornylene. The ethylene reaction yields acetaldehyde and a 1:1 mixture of (1,5-COD)Pt(Cl)(CH2CH3) (2) and [(1,5-COD)Pt43-CH2CHCH(CH3))](BF4) (3), while the norbornylene reaction yields a platinaoxetane complex, the first metallaoxetane to be obtained from the reaction of an oxo complex and an alkene.