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Ag(I) Complexes Containing Flexible N,N-Di(2-pyridyl)adipoamide Ligands:  Syntheses, Structures, and Ligand Conformations

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posted on 04.04.2007, 00:00 by Huan-Ching Chen, Hui-Ling Hu, Zhi-Kai Chan, Chun-Wei Yeh, Hsi-Wei Jia, Chi-Phi Wu, Jhy-Der Chen, Ju-Chun Wang
A new flexible ligand N,N-di(2-pyridyl)adipoamide), LCDCl3 (1), and L·2H2O (2), and a series of polymeric complexes of the types [AgLNO3], (3); [AgLPF6], (4); [AgLBF4CH3CN(H2O)0.5], (5); [AgLClO4CH3CN], (6); [AgLClO4(H2O)0.67], (7), and [Ag2L2.5SO4], (8), are reported. All the complexes have been structurally characterized by X-ray crystallography, confirming that complexes 38 are coordination polymers. The cations of 36 form zigzag chains, while those of 7 are helical. Complex 8 forms sinusoidal chains, which demonstrates an unusual coexistence of three ligand conformers in a coordination polymer. While L's in 1 and 2 adopt GAG trans and AAA trans conformations, respectively, all the ligands in 37 adopt the AAA trans conformation, and the three independent L's in 8 adopt GGG cis, AAA trans, and AGA cis conformations, respectively. These conformations also differ in the dihedral angle between the two pyridyl rings.