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Adaptive Encapsulation of ω‑Amino Acids and Their Guanidinium–Amide Congeners

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posted on 19.10.2016, 15:31 by Wei-Xu Feng, Arie van der Lee, Yves-Marie Legrand, Eddy Petit, Dan Dumitrescu, Cheng-Yong Su, Mihail Barboiu
The binding and the encapsulation of the 6-aminohexanoic acid (1) and 11-aminoundecanoic acid (2) are achieved in aqueous solution and in crystalline Pyrene-box cages. Unexpectedly, the amino-guanidinium AG+ and the amino acids 1 or 2 are reacting in aqueous solution in the absence and in the presence of Pyrene-box cages. The formation of an amide bond between a carboxylic acid and the amino-guanidine unit under mild acidic conditions in water without the use a coupling reagent is extremely interesting and unexpected. The resulted adducts AG1 and AG2 show adaptive binding behaviors and compressions.