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Access to α‑Aminophosphonic Acid Derivatives and Phosphonopeptides by [Rh(P–OP)]-Catalyzed Stereoselective Hydrogenation

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posted on 30.06.2020, 13:03 by Héctor Fernández-Pérez, Paweł Lenartowicz, Lucas Carreras, Arnald Grabulosa, Paweł Kafarski, Anton Vidal-Ferran
The hydrogenation of N-substituted vinylphosphonates using rhodium complexes derived from P–OP ligands L1, ent-L1, or (R,R)-Me-DuPHOS as catalysts has been successfully accomplished, achieving very high levels of stereoselectivity (up to 99% ee or de). The described synthetic strategy allowed for the efficient preparation of α-aminophosphonic acid derivatives and phosphonopeptides, which are valuable building blocks for the preparation of biologically relevant molecules.