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Absolute Configuration for 1,n-Glycols: A Nonempirical Approach to Long-Range Stereochemical Determination

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posted on 06.06.2012, 00:00 by Xiaoyong Li, Carmin E. Burrell, Richard J. Staples, Babak Borhan
The absolute configurations of 1,n-glycols (n = 2–12, 16) bearing two chiral centers were rapidly determined via exciton-coupled circular dichroism (ECCD) using a tris­(pentafluorophenyl)­porphyrin (TPFP porphyrin) tweezer system in a nonempirical fashion devoid of chemical derivatization. A unique “side-on” approach of the porphyrin tweezer relative to the diol guest molecule is suggested as the mode of complexation.