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A Three-Dimensional Mixed-Ligand Coordination Polymer Featuring Strongly Antiferromagnetically Coupled Dinuclear Copper Paddlewheels Linked into a 6-Connected Self-Penetrated Network

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posted on 01.10.2008, 00:00 by David P. Martin, Ronald M. Supkowski, Robert L. LaDuca
The coordination polymer {[Cu2(glu)2(bpmp)]·4H2O}n (1, glu = glutarate, bpmp = N,N′-bis(4-pyridyl)piperazine) was prepared via solution-phase methods. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction revealed the presence of [Cu2(glu)2]n layers containing “paddle-wheel” dinuclear units. These layers are connected by tethering bpmp ligands into a self-penetrated three-dimensional covalent network with 6-connected 446108 topology. Variable-temperature magnetic studies indicated the presence of very strong antiferromagnetic coupling (J = −283(8) cm−1) within the {Cu2} dinuclear units of 1. Incipient channels within the self-penetrated framework are occupied by ”infinite” C(4) water molecule chains.