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A Tetra-amido-Protected Ge5‑Spiropentadiene

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posted on 26.11.2019 by Yan Guo, Zhengqiang Xia, Jingjing Liu, Jiaxiu Yu, Shenglai Yao, Weiqun Shi, Kongqiu Hu, Sanping Chen, Yaoyu Wang, Anyang Li, Matthias Driess, Wenyuan Wang
The first isolable Ge5-spiro­pentadiene 1 was synthesized via the reduction of (iPr3Si)2NGeCl (3) with potassium. The crystal structure of 1 reveals a spiro­cyclic Ge5 skeleton containing two Ge–Ge double bonds (avg. 2.34 Å), which are fettered in two Ge3 rings with a dihedral angle of 70.193°. The DFT calculations and orbital analysis show that the σ-delocalization of the Ge5 skeleton and the 2π-delocalized aromatic Ge3 rings enhance the stability of molecule 1.