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A Tetra-amido-Protected Ge5‑Spiropentadiene

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posted on 26.11.2019, 15:37 by Yan Guo, Zhengqiang Xia, Jingjing Liu, Jiaxiu Yu, Shenglai Yao, Weiqun Shi, Kongqiu Hu, Sanping Chen, Yaoyu Wang, Anyang Li, Matthias Driess, Wenyuan Wang
The first isolable Ge5-spiro­pentadiene 1 was synthesized via the reduction of (iPr3Si)2NGeCl (3) with potassium. The crystal structure of 1 reveals a spiro­cyclic Ge5 skeleton containing two Ge–Ge double bonds (avg. 2.34 Å), which are fettered in two Ge3 rings with a dihedral angle of 70.193°. The DFT calculations and orbital analysis show that the σ-delocalization of the Ge5 skeleton and the 2π-delocalized aromatic Ge3 rings enhance the stability of molecule 1.