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A Synthetic Model of Enzymatic [Fe4S4]–Alkyl Intermediates

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posted on 2019-08-16, 13:36 authored by Mengshan Ye, Niklas B. Thompson, Alexandra C. Brown, Daniel L. M. Suess
Although alkyl complexes of [Fe4S4] clusters have been invoked as intermediates in a number of enzymatic reactions, obtaining a detailed understanding of their reactivity patterns and electronic structures has been difficult owing to their transient nature. To address this challenge, we herein report the synthesis and characterization of a 3:1 site-differentiated [Fe4S4]2+–alkyl cluster. Whereas [Fe4S4]2+ clusters typically exhibit pairwise delocalized electronic structures in which each Fe has a formal valence of 2.5+, Mössbauer spectroscopic and computational studies suggest that the highly electron-releasing alkyl group partially localizes the charge distribution within the cubane, an effect that has not been previously observed in tetrahedrally coordinated [Fe4S4] clusters.