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A Simple and Efficient Copper-Catalyzed Procedure for the Hydrosilylation of Hindered and Functionalized Ketones

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posted on 10.06.2005, 00:00 by Silvia Díez-González, Harneet Kaur, Fabiano Kauer Zinn, Edwin D. Stevens, Steven P. Nolan
The catalytic hydrosilylation of highly hindered and functionalized ketones is described. The combination of inexpensive catalyst precursors, CuCl and NHC·HX (NHC = N-heterocyclic carbene), leads to a highly efficient reduction mediator for the preparation of silyl ethers from unfunctionalized and functionalized alkyl, cyclic, bicyclic, aromatic, and heteroaromatic ketones. A series of catalyst precursors have been structurally characterized and a catalyst−structure activity relationship is discussed.