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A Simple Route to Difluorocarbene and Perfluoroalkylidene Complexes of Iridium

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posted on 02.11.2005, 00:00 by Russell P. Hughes, Roman B. Laritchev, Jian Yuan, James A. Golen, Adam N. Rucker, Arnold L. Rheingold
Primary perfluoroalkyl compounds of iridium undergo facile two-electron reduction to afford a simple route to difluorocarbene and perfluoroalkylidene complexes, two of which have been crystallographically characterized. Low-temperature protonation reactions illustrate that the thermodynamic site of protonation depends on the nature of the fluorinated carbene; the difluorocarbene complex undergoes protonation at iridium, while its perfluoroethylidene congener undergoes protonation at carbon.