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A Semiconducting Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Metal Halide with Switchable Dielectric and High Phase Transition Temperature

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posted on 21.03.2019, 00:00 by Yan Sui, Wen-Tong Chen, Shu-Xia Ouyang, Wen-Qian Wang, Gui-Xin Zhang, Dong-Sheng Liu
Organic–inorganic hybrid metal halides with temperature-triggered responsive switchable dielectric properties have evoked great attention for their potential application in the field of optoelectronic information. Here, we present a new organic–inorganic hybrid metal halide switchable dielectric material, [(C3H5)2N­(CH3)2]2SnCl6 (1), which is obtained by the reaction of diallyldimethylaminium chloride and tin­(IV) chloride pentahydrate. Compound 1 exhibits excellent high-temperature switchable dielectric performance and antifatigue. Notably, 1 also exhibits multifunctionality with semiconducting and photoluminescence property. Such a Sn­(IV)-based organic–inorganic hybrid with outstanding switchable dielectric, semiconducting, and photoluminescence characteristics will pave a new approach in the development of Sn­(IV)-based metal halides with practical applications.