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A Safe and Scaled-Up Route to Inert Ammonia Oxide Hydroxylammonium Azide (H7N5O2), Hydrazinium Azide (H5N5), and Ammonium Azide (H4N4)

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posted on 28.08.2019, 13:12 by Gang Zhao, Dheeraj Kumar, Lu Hu, Jean’ne M. Shreeve
The development of green high-performance insensitive explosives has attracted great interest among many scientists around the world. Polynitrogen materials have always been promising options because of their superior performance and high nitrogen content. In this work, a safe and scalable method to prepare highly energetic and insensitive hydroxylammonium, hydrazinium, and ammonium azide (N3) salts, i.e., ammonia oxide hydroxylammonium azide (H7N5O2), hydrazinium azide (H5N5), and ammonium azide (H4N4), respectively, is provided by reaction of TMSN3 with the corresponding hydroxylammonium fluoride, hydrazinium fluoride, and ammonium fluoride. These polynitrogen materials feature attractive detonation performances, remarkable insensitivities, and good enthalpies of formation, suggesting application as potential green energetic materials of the future.