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A Possible Route toward Expert Systems in Supramolecular Chemistry: 2‑Periodic H‑Bond Patterns in Molecular Crystals

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posted on 2015-12-17, 01:20 authored by Pavel N. Zolotarev, Muhammad Nadeem Arshad, Abdullah M. Asiri, Zahra M. Al-amshany, Vladislav A. Blatov
A novel approach to prediction of supramolecular motifs was applied to more than 6000 monomolecular structures containing 2-periodic H-bond patterns. It is shown that a number of topological descriptors allow one to rationalize supramolecular motifs, find the regularities in their structure, and store the information in a knowledge database. The knowledge database can then be used in an expert system to mimic the work of a human expert and to forecast the method of assembling molecules into supramolecular ensembles and into extended (periodic) architectures. The crystals of N-[(4-methylbenzene)­sulfonyl]­serine were synthesized, and the principles of the expert system were used to successfully predict the 2-periodic square-lattice H-bond pattern in this compound.