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A Novel 9-MC-3 and 15-MC-6 Onset Stacked Metallacrown Single-Molecule Magnet: Synthesis and Crystal Structure

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posted on 04.04.2011, 00:00 by Suna Wang, Lingqian Kong, Hua Yang, Zhoutong He, Zheng Jiang, Dacheng Li, Suyuan Zeng, Meiju Niu, You Song, Jianmin Dou
A novel enneanuclear manganese complex, [Mn9O4(Mesao)6(MeO)3(O2CMe)3(OH)(MeOH)2]·2.5DMF [1; Me-saoH2 = 2-hydroxyphenylethanone oxime], was synthesized. The structure of 1 contains an unusual [Mn9O4] core with an unprecedented defective “supertetrahedron” topology based on two parallel, onset stacked 9-MC-3 and 15-MC-6 metallacrown subunits. Magnetic studies indicate that 1 behaves as a single-molecule magnet.