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A New Tool To Guide Halofunctionalization Reactions: The Halenium Affinity (HalA) Scale

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posted on 2015-12-17, 04:46 authored by Kumar Dilip Ashtekar, Nastaran Salehi Marzijarani, Arvind Jaganathan, Daniel Holmes, James E. Jackson, Babak Borhan
We introduce a previously unexplored parameterhalenium affinity (HalA)– as a quantitative descriptor of the bond strengths of various functional groups to halenium ions. The HalA scale ranks potential halenium ion acceptors based on their ability to stabilize a “free halenium ion”. Alkenes in particular but other Lewis bases as well, such as amines, amides, carbonyls, and ether oxygen atoms, etc., have been classified on the HalA scale. This indirect approach enables a rapid and straightforward prediction of chemoselectivity for systems involved in halofunctionalization reactions that have multiple nucleophilic sites. The influences of subtle electronic and steric variations, as well as the less predictable anchimeric and stereoelectronic effects, are intrinsically accounted for by HalA computations, providing quantitative assessments beyond simple “chemical intuition”. This combined theoretical–experimental approach offers an expeditious means of predicting and identifying unprecedented reactions.