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A Highly Reduced Ni–Li–Olefin Complex for Catalytic Kumada–Corriu Cross-Couplings

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posted on 10.10.2018, 00:00 by Lukas Nattmann, Sigrid Lutz, Pascal Ortsack, Richard Goddard, Josep Cornella
The catalytic activity of a highly reduced Ni catalyst in the context of a Kumada–Corriu cross-coupling has been studied. This nickel complex is characterized by its high electron density, stabilized by simple olefin ligands in combination with two Li ions. Landmark reactivity has been found with this precatalyst which operates at cryogenic temperatures, thus allowing the presence of sensitive functionalities. Structural elucidation of oxidative addition intermediates and their reactivity suggest highly reduced species being operative in the C–C bond forming event.