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A Concise, Enantiospecific Total Synthesis of Chilocorine C Fueled by a Reductive Cyclization/Mannich Reaction Cascade

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posted on 02.07.2020, 15:45 by Vladislav G. Lisnyak, Scott A. Snyder
Among defensive alkaloids isolated from ladybugs, the heterodimeric member chilocorine C possesses an alluring monomeric unit that combines quinolizidine and indolizidine substructures. Indeed, the overall stereochemical disposition of its ring fusions is distinct from those of related natural products. Herein we show that a carefully orchestrated sequence with several chemoselective transformations, including a designed cascade that accomplishes nine distinct chemical reactions in one-pot, can smoothly forge that domain and ultimately enable a 15-step, 11-pot enantiospecific synthesis of the natural product. Mechanistic studies, density functional theory calculations, and the delineation of several other unsuccessful approaches highlight its unique elements.