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A Charge-Transfer Complex of 10,10‘-Dihydroxy-9,9‘-biphenanthryl and Methylviologen as a Visual Inclusion Host System

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posted on 22.11.2007, 00:00 by Yoshitane Imai, Shingo Kido, Kensaku Kamon, Takafumi Kinuta, Tomohiro Sato, Nobuo Tajima, Reiko Kuroda, Yoshio Matsubara
A charge-transfer (CT) complex, composed of 10,10‘-dihydroxy-9,9‘-biphenanthryl as the electron donor and 1,1‘-dimethyl-4,4‘-bipyridinium dichloride as the electron acceptor, is formed only by the inclusion of guest molecules. The color of this inclusion CT complex is sensitive to the component guest molecules.