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A 3D Metal–Organic Framework with Rare 3-Fold Interpenetrating Dia-g Nets Based on Silver(I) and Novel Tetradentate Imidazolate Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, and Possible Ferroelectric Property

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posted on 2007-11-07, 00:00 authored by Li Song, Shao-Wu Du, Jian-Di Lin, Hui Zhou, Tao Li
A novel 3D metal–organic framework [Ag8(L)4](NO3)8·4H2O (1) has been solvothermally synthesized by self-assembly of a new tetradentate imidazolate ligand L (L = bis(3,5-bis((1H-imidazol-1-yl)methyl)-2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)methane) and silver(I) salt. X-ray crystallography reveals that 1 contains rare 3-fold interpenetrating dia-g (or 4.142) nets. Each single dia-g net comprises linked Ag–L meso-helices. The possible ferroelectric behavior and luminescence property of the title compound have also been studied.