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APL@Voro: A Voronoi-Based Membrane Analysis Tool for GROMACS Trajectories

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posted on 2013-11-25, 00:00 authored by Gunther Lukat, Jens Krüger, Björn Sommer
APL@Voro is a new program developed to aid in the analysis of GROMACS trajectories of lipid bilayer simulations. It can read a GROMACS trajectory file, a PDB coordinate file, and a GROMACS index file to create a two-dimensional geometric representation of a bilayer. Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulationsgenerated for different selection models of lipidssupport the analysis of the bilayer. The values calculated on the geometric structures can be visualized in a user-friendly interactive environment and, then, plotted and exported to different file types. APL@Voro supports complex bilayers with a mix of various lipids and proteins. For the calculation of the projected area per lipid, a modification of the well-known Voronoi approach is presented as well as the presentation of a new approach for including atoms into an existing triangulation. The application of the developed software is discussed for three example systems simulated with GROMACS. The program is written in C++, is open source, and is available free of charge.