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AFFIRMA Multiplexed Immunoaffinity Platform That Combines Recombinant Antibody Fragments and LC-SRM Analysis

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posted on 05.12.2014, 00:00 by Anna Säll, Fredrika Carlsson, Niclas Olsson, Christer Wingren, Mats Ohlin, Helena Persson, Sofia Waldemarson
Targeted measurements of low abundance proteins in complex mixtures are in high demand in many areas, not the least in clinical applications measuring biomarkers. We here present the novel platform AFFIRM (AFFInity sRM) that utilizes the power of antibody fragments (scFv) to efficiently enrich for target proteins from a complex background and the exquisite specificity of SRM-MS based detection. To demonstrate the ability of AFFIRM, three target proteins of interest were measured in a serum background in single-plexed and multiplexed experiments in a concentration range of 5–1000 ng/mL. Linear responses were demonstrated down to low ng/mL concentrations with high reproducibility. The platform allows for high throughput measurements in 96-well format, and all steps are amendable to automation and scale-up. We believe the use of recombinant antibody technology in combination with SRM MS analysis provides a powerful way to reach sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility as well as the opportunity to build resources for fast on-demand implementation of novel assays.