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3‑Oxo-hexahydro‑1H‑isoindole-4-carboxylic Acid as a Drug Chiral Bicyclic Scaffold: Structure-Based Design and Preparation of Conformationally Constrained Covalent and Noncovalent Prolyl Oligopeptidase Inhibitors

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posted on 30.11.2015, 00:00 by Gaëlle Mariaule, Stéphane De Cesco, Francesco Airaghi, Jerry Kurian, Paolo Schiavini, Sylvain Rocheleau, Igor Huskić, Karine Auclair, Anthony Mittermaier, Nicolas Moitessier
Bicyclic chiral scaffolds are privileged motifs in medicinal chemistry. Over the years, we have reported covalent bicyclic prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitors that were highly selective for POP over a number of homologous proteins. Herein, we wish to report the structure-based design and synthesis of a novel class of POP inhibitors based on hexahydroisoindoles. A docking study guided the selection of structures for synthesis. The stereochemistry, decoration, and position within the molecule of the bicyclic scaffolds were assessed virtually. Following the synthesis of the best candidates, in vitro assays revealed that one member of this chemical series was more active than any of our previous inhibitors with a Ki of 1.0 nM. Additional assays also showed that the scaffold of this potent inhibitor, in contrast to one of our previously reported chemical series, is highly metabolically stable, despite the foreseen potential sites of metabolism. Interestingly, computer docking calculations accurately predicted the optimal features of the inhibitors.