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2-Propanol Oxidation in a Pressurized Jet-Stirred Reactor (JSR) and Combustion Bomb: Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Modeling Study

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posted on 16.12.2015, 18:26 authored by C. Togbé, P. Dagaut, F. Halter, F. Foucher
2-Propanol is a renewable alcohol usable as an alternative to petrol-derived gasoline, for which new experimental data for its oxidation and combustion were obtained to better characterize and understand its combustion. Concentration profiles of stable species (reactants, intermediates, and final products) were measured in a pressurized jet-stirred reactor (JSR) over the temperature range of 770−1190 K and for equivalence ratios in the range of 0.35−4. Flame speeds of 2-propanol/air mixtures were measured at 1−10 bar and 423 K, over a range of equivalence ratios (0.7−1.5). The effect of the total pressure on the flame speed was determined for stoichiometric 2-propanol/air flames. The oxidation of 2-propanol in these experimental conditions was modeled using a detailed chemical kinetic reaction mechanism recently proposed for 2-propanol ignition. The kinetic mechanism showed reasonably good agreement with the present experimental data. Reaction path analyses and sensitivity analyses were performed to interpret the results.