<i>C</i><sub>2</sub>-Symmetric Planar Chiral Ferrocene Diamides by (−)-Sparteine-Mediated Directed <i>ortho</i>-Lithiation. Synthesis and Catalytic Activity

A variety of highly enantioenriched singly and doubly (<b>4</b>) functionalized derivatives of 1,1‘-<i>N</i>,<i>N</i>,<i>N</i><i>‘</i>,<i>N</i><i>‘</i>-tetraisopropylferrocenedicarboxamide <b>1</b> have been synthesized by (−)-sparteine (<b>2</b>)-mediated directed <i>ortho</i>-metalation and Pd-catalyzed cross coupling reactions. The synthetic applications of these chiral ligands in asymmetric alkylation of benzaldehyde and Pd(0)-catalyzed allylic substitution have been demonstrated.