Ultrahigh-Throughput Production of Monodisperse and Multifunctional Janus Microparticles Using in-Air Microfluidics

Compartmentalized Janus microparticles advance many applications ranging from chemical synthesis to consumer electronics. Although these particles can be accurately manufactured using microfluidic droplet generators, the per-nozzle throughputs are relatively low (∼μL/min). Here, we use “in-air microfluidics” to combine liquid microjets in midair, thereby enabling orders of magnitude faster production of Janus microparticles (∼mL/min) as compared to chip-based microfluidics. Monodisperse Janus microparticles with diameters between 50 and 500 μm, tunable compartment sizes, and functional cargo are controllably produced. Furthermore, these microparticles are designed as magnetically steerable microreactors, which represents a novel tool to perform enzymatic cascade reactions within continuous fluid flows