Ultrafastly Interweaving Graphdiyne Nanochain on Arbitrary Substrates and Its Performance as a Supercapacitor Electrode

A moderate method is first developed here for superfast (in seconds) growth of an ultrafine graphdiyne (GDY) nanochain on arbitrary substrates in the atmosphere. This is an environmentally friendly and metal-catalyst-free method, efficiently eliminating extraneous contaminations for the carbon materials. The seamless GDY coating on any substrates demonstrates that an all-carbon GDY possesses outstanding controllability and processability, perfectly compensating for the drawbacks of prevailing all-carbon materials. After the decoration of 3D GDY nanostructures, the substrates become superhydrophobic with contact angles high up to of 148° and can be used as outstanding frameworks for storing organic pollution. Because of the reasonable porous and 3D continuous features, the as-prepared samples can be applied as high-performance binder-free supercapacitor electrodes with high area capacitance of up to 53.66 mF cm –2, prominent power performance, and robust long-term retention (99% after 1300 cycles).