Two Polymorphs of Cobalt(II) Imidazolate Polymers Synthesized Solvothermally by Using One Organic Template N,N-Dimethylacetamide

Two structurally different polymorphs of cobalt(II) imidazolate frameworks are solvothermally synthesized by using N,N-dimethylacetamide as a template:  The polymorph 6 (a = 9.797 (4) Å, b = 15.301(6) Å, c =14.902(6) Å, β = 98.904(6)°, monoclinic, P21/n) shows structures of silicate CaAl2Si2O8 with CrB4 topology, while polymorph 7 (a = 15.173(4) Å, b = 15.173(4) Å, c = 19.089(5) Å, Pbca) shows CaGa2O4-related topological structures. In addition, the 7‘ (a = 15.9712(18) Å, b = 15.9253(19) Å, c = 18.475(2) Å, Pbca), a compound isostructural with 7, is synthesized by using cyclohexanol as a template. Thus, these cobalt(II) imidazolate polymers are reminiscent of the zeolite syntheses in that not only the same topological structure can be synthesized by using the different organic templates, but also different topological structures can be synthesized by using the same organic template.