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Tribenzylamine C–H Activation and Intermolecular Hydrogen Transfer Promoted by WCl6

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posted on 07.04.2014 by Marco Bortoluzzi, Fabio Marchetti, Guido Pampaloni, Stefano Zacchini
The 1:1 molar reaction of WCl6 with tribenzylamine (tba), in dichloromethane, selectively afforded the iminium salt [(PhCH2)2NCHPh]­[WCl6], 1, and the ammonium one [tbaH]­[WCl6], 2, in equimolar amounts. The products were fully characterized by means of spectroscopic methods, analytical methods, and X-ray diffractometry. Density functional theory calculations were carried out with the aim of comprehending the mechanistic aspects.