Transparent, Luminescent, Antibacterial and Patternable Film Forming Composites of Graphene Oxide/Reduced Graphene Oxide

Multifunctional graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide (GO/RGO) composites were prepared through electrostatic interaction using biocompatible ingredients. Different functionalities were added to GO/RGO by anchoring materials such as native lactoferrin (NLf), NLf protected Au clusters (designated as Au@NLf), chitosan (Ch) and combinations thereof. Anchoring of Ch and NLf enhances the antibacterial property of RGO/GO. The addition of Ch to RGO/GO not only helped in forming stable dispersions but also helped in fabricating large (cm2) area films through a simple solvent evaporation technique. Functionalities such as photoluminescence were added to Ch-RGO/GO composites by anchoring Au@NLf on it. The composites thus formed showed stable luminescence in presence of various metal ions in the solid state. The composite showed reasonable stability against pH and temperature variations as well. The as-prepared films were transparent and the transparency could be modulated by controlling the concentration of RGO/GO in the composite. The antibacterial property and ability to form stable thin films may provide an opportunity to use such composites for medical and environmental remediation applications as well. Erasable patterns were fabricated on the film by stamping required patterns under compressive pressure. Luminescent patterns can be inscribed on the film and can be erased by simply wetting it. Such films with erasable information may be useful for security applications.