Transmetalation of Aqueous Inorganic Clusters: A Useful Route to the Synthesis of Heterometallic Aluminum and Indium HydroxoAquo Clusters

[AlxIny3-OH)6(μ-OH)18(H2O)24]­(NO3)15 hydroxy–aquo clusters (AlxIn13–x) are synthesized through the evaporation of stoichiometrically varied solutions of Al13 and In­(NO3)3 using a transmetalation reaction. Several spectroscopic techniques (1H NMR, 1H-diffusion ordered spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering, and Raman) are used to compare AlxIn13–x to its Al13 counterpart. A thin film of aluminum indium oxide was prepared from an Al7In6 cluster ink, showing its utility as a precursor for materials.