Transfer of Materials from Water to Solid Surfaces Using Liquid Marbles

Remotely controlling the movement of small objects is desirable, especially for the transportation and selection of materials. Transfer of objects between liquid and solid surfaces and triggering their release would allow for development of novel material transportation technology. Here, we describe the remote transport of a material from a water film surface to a solid surface using quasispherical liquid marbles (LMs). A light-induced Marangoni flow or an air stream is used to propel the LMs on water. As the LMs approach the rim of the water film, gravity forces them to slide down the water rim and roll onto the solid surface. Through this method, LMs can be efficiently moved on water and placed on a solid surface. The materials encapsulated within LMs can be released at a specific time by an external stimulus. We analyzed the velocity, acceleration, and force of the LMs on the liquid and solid surfaces. On water, the sliding friction due to the drag force resists the movement of the LMs. On a solid surface, the rolling distance is affected by the surface roughness of the LMs.